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Aruncus aethusifolius - Goat's Beard (Missouri Botanical Gardens)
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Aruncus aethusifolius

Goat's Beard

Aruncus aethusifolius, a dwarf goat's beard, is a clump-forming perennial which typically grows to only 12" tall. Features fern-like, dark green leaves which form a foliage mound to 4-6" tall. Astilbe-like plumes of tiny, creamy white flowers rise above the foliage to 12" tall in late spring.

Goat's Beard Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Best grown in moist, fertile, organically rich soils in full sun to part shade. Foliage decline can occur rapidly if soils are permitted to dry out. Prefers part shade, particularly in the southern part of its growing range. Removing faded flower stalks will not prolong bloom, but may improve plant appearance, particularly if a ground cover look is desired. On the other hand, flower stalks may be left in place to enjoy the continuing ornamental effect of the dried seed plumes.


10-12 in



12-18 in


Hardiness Zone:

4 - 7

Characteristics & Attributes for Aruncus aethusifolius

Partial Shade
Soil Moisture Preference
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Ground Cover
Mass Planting
Rock Garden
Border or Bed
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