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Green Gate Farms

Growing great plants and lasting customer relationships!

Green Gate Farms was founded in 1992 near the small town of Augusta, Missouri, just 45 minutes from St. Louis, sitting on hundreds of beautiful acres covered with open fields and mature forests. 

For the first phase of development, thousands of deciduous trees were planted, including oak, cypress, maple and redbud (we no longer sell trees).

For the second phase, we built a state of the art greenhouse facility to concentrate on the production of high quality plants. The greenhouse facility was completed in 1994 and we grew bedding plants, poinsettias, and other seasonal crops. 

Now, specializing in groundcovers, perennials, and ornamental grasses has allowed us to focus our energy in developing new growing techniques to insure the best quality plants possible. We grow a finished product, not plugs or starter plants.

Green Gate Farms is managed by the husband-and-wife team of Larry and Wendy Becker and has grown into a strong reliable company that continues to address the needs of our customers while never abandoning our commitment to produce plants with consistent quality. We serve a diverse customer base, which includes landscapers, garden centers, and wholesale plant distributors, providing them with a finished product they are proud to sell to their customers.

Green Gate Farms is a wholesale-only company and is not open to the public.